• Productions shot at Sony Pictures Studios / MGM

    Productions shot at Sony Pictures Studios

    Feature Film (86)

    Interstellar2014Christopher NolanIMDB Database page about Interstellar
    Oz The Great And Powerful2013Sam RaimiIMDB Database page about Oz The Great And Powerful
    Star Trek Into Darkness2013J.J. AbramsIMDB Database page about Star Trek Into Darkness
    Men in Black III2012Barry SonnenfeldIMDB Database page about Men in Black III
    The score was recorded on the Barbra Streisand scoring stage at Sony.
    Snow White and the Huntsman2012Rupert SandersIMDB Database page about Snow White and the Huntsman
    The score was recorded on the Barbra Streisand scoring stage at Sony.
    The Amazing Spider-Man2012Marc WebbIMDB Database page about The Amazing Spider-Man
    The Dark Knight Rises2012Christopher NolanIMDB Database page about The Dark Knight Rises
    The batcave interior was shot on Stage 30 at Sony Pictures Studios.
    Priest2011Scott Charles StewartIMDB Database page about Priest
    The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo2011David FincherIMDB Database page about The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
    The Green Hornet2011Michel GondryIMDB Database page about The Green Hornet
    Stage 15
    Transformers: Dark of the Moon2011Michael BayIMDB Database page about Transformers: Dark of the Moon
    The music score was recorded and mixed at Sony Pictures Studios.
    Alice in Wonderland2010Tim BurtonIMDB Database page about Alice in Wonderland
    Iron Man 22010Jon FavreauIMDB Database page about Iron Man 2
    Stage 30
    Takers2010John LuessenhopIMDB Database page about Takers
    Angels & Demons2009Ron HowardIMDB Database page about Angels & Demons
    Stage 27: Helicopter sequence
    Funny People2009Judd ApatowIMDB Database page about Funny People
    Stage 26 (Shower scene)
    The Stepfather2009Nelson McCormickIMDB Database page about The Stepfather
    Bedtime Stories2008Adam ShankmanIMDB Database page about Bedtime Stories
    Stage 26
    Hancock2008Peter BergIMDB Database page about Hancock
    Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull2008Steven SpielbergIMDB Database page about Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
    Stage 27: stone steps collapsing stunt sequence
    Pineapple Express2008David Gordon GreenIMDB Database page about Pineapple Express
    Prom Night2008Nelson McCormickIMDB Database page about Prom Night
    Quarantine2008John Erick DowdleIMDB Database page about Quarantine
    You Don't Mess With The Zohan2008Dennis DuganIMDB Database page about You Don
    Beowulf2007Robert ZemeckisIMDB Database page about Beowulf
    Spider-Man 32007Sam RaimiIMDB Database page about Spider-Man 3
    The 7 month shooting schedule occupied seven soundstages at Sony, including the massive Stage 15 (used for the Daily Bugle offices and then simultaneously the Osborn den & balcony and Peter Parkers apartment). Stage 27 was used for 2nd unit and VFX shooting, along with the climactic Final Battle sequence. Stage 30 was also used (Subway set).
    Superbad2007Greg MottolaIMDB Database page about Superbad
    Bewitched2005Nora EphronIMDB Database page about Bewitched
    War of the Worlds2005Steven SpielbergIMDB Database page about War of the Worlds
    Zathura2005Jon FavreauIMDB Database page about Zathura
    The house set was built on a moving platform called a gimbal in the huge tank on Stage 30, to achieve an earthquake effect.
    13 Going On 302004Gary WinickIMDB Database page about 13 Going On 30
    A small area of grass outside the Thalberg building appeared briefly as Central Park.
    Spider-Man 22004Sam RaimiIMDB Database page about Spider-Man 2
    Stage 15
    Step Brothers2004Adam McKayIMDB Database page about Step Brothers
    Identity2003James MangoldIMDB Database page about Identity
    Stage 27
    Men in Black II2002Barry SonnenfeldIMDB Database page about Men in Black II
    Stage 15, Stage 30
    Spider-Man2002Sam RaimiIMDB Database page about Spider-Man
    The Thalberg Building on the Sony lot is used as the school that Peter Parker graduates from. The Columbia Pictures sign is covered with a Wildcats banner, and the palm trees either side of the door have been removed. Stage 15 and Stage 30 were also used.
    Americas Sweethearts2001Joe RothIMDB Database page about Americas Sweethearts
    Not Another Teen Movie2001Joel GallenIMDB Database page about Not Another Teen Movie
    The Sony Pictures headquarters building features as an airport terminal at the end of the movie. The door that Molly Ringwald checks boarding passes actually leads to a screening room, not the airplane.
    Planet of the Apes2001Tim BurtonIMDB Database page about Planet of the Apes
    The Majestic2001Frank DarabontIMDB Database page about The Majestic
    Cast Away2000Robert ZemeckisIMDB Database page about Cast Away
    Stage 30
    Hollow Man2000Paul VerhoevenIMDB Database page about Hollow Man
    Stage 15
    Stuart Little1999Rob MinkoffIMDB Database page about Stuart Little
    Stage 15
    Godzilla1998Roland EmmerichIMDB Database page about Godzilla
    Air Force One1997Wolfgang PetersenIMDB Database page about Air Force One
    Stage 15
    Men in Black1997Barry SonnenfeldIMDB Database page about Men in Black
    Stage 12, Stage 15
    My Best Friend1997P.J. HoganIMDB Database page about My Best Friend
    Stage 15
    Starship Troopers1997Paul VerhoevenIMDB Database page about Starship Troopers
    Jerry Maguire1996Cameron CroweIMDB Database page about Jerry Maguire
    Stage 23
    The Cable Guy1996Ben StillerIMDB Database page about The Cable Guy
    Money Train1995Joseph RubenIMDB Database page about Money Train
    The American President1995Rob ReinerIMDB Database page about The American President
    Party of Five1994-2000Christopher Keyser, Amy LippmanIMDB Database page about Party of Five
    Stage 19 (House interior)
    Calendar Girl1993John WhitesellIMDB Database page about Calendar Girl
    Last Action Hero1993John McTiernanIMDB Database page about Last Action Hero
    The foyer of the Sony Pictures Headquarters building appears on screen as the police headquarters.
    Accidental Hero1992Stephen FrearsIMDB Database page about Accidental Hero
    Dracula1992Francis Ford CoppolaIMDB Database page about Dracula
    Another You1991Maurice PhillipsIMDB Database page about Another You
    Hook1991Steven SpielbergIMDB Database page about Hook
    The Jolly Roger pirate ship was built full scale on Stage 30
    The Running Man1987Paul Michael GlaserIMDB Database page about The Running Man
    The corporate headquarters of MGM/UA in 1987 was the Filmland Corporate Centre, now the headquarters of Sony Pictures in Culver City. This impressive building featured in The Running Man as the ICS Television Network HQ.
    WarGames1983John BadhamIMDB Database page about WarGames
    Stage 27 was used for the NORAD War Room / Command Center.
    Rocky II1979Sylvester StalloneIMDB Database page about Rocky II
    Stage 15
    King Kong1976John GuillerminIMDB Database page about King Kong
    Rocky1976John G. AvildsenIMDB Database page about Rocky
    Stage 15
    Jaws1975Steven SpielbergIMDB Database page about Jaws
    Westworld1973Michael CrichtonIMDB Database page about Westworld
    The Greatest Story Ever Told1965George StevensIMDB Database page about The Greatest Story Ever Told
    The Crucifixion was shot at MGM.
    The Loved One1965Tony RichardsonIMDB Database page about The Loved One
    Mutiny on the Bounty1962Lewis Milestone, Carol ReedIMDB Database page about Mutiny on the Bounty
    Ben-Hur1959Will WylerIMDB Database page about Ben-Hur
    Ben-hur meets Jesus on the Calvary/shots from the Golgotha
    North by Northwest1959Alfred HitchcockIMDB Database page about North by Northwest
    Interiors were filmed on sound stages at MGM along with a full-scale mockup of a section of Mount Rushmore for the finale.
    Some Like It Hot1959Billy WilderIMDB Database page about Some Like It Hot
    Train interiors
    Les Girls1957George CukorIMDB Database page about Les Girls
    Stage 06
    Singin' in the Rain1952Stanley Donen, Gene KellyIMDB Database page about Singin
    The exterior scene of Gene Kelly on the rainy street was shot on Lot #2 at MGM, under a black tarpaulin during the daytime. The sequence was filmed over 2 days. On the first day Kelly had a fever with a high temperature, not helped by the mix of milk and water (to make the rain drops show up on film) causing his wool suit to shrink. Stage 06 was also used.
    Royal Wedding (aka Wedding Bells)1951Stanley DonenIMDB Database page about Royal Wedding (aka Wedding Bells)
    Cheaper by the Dozen1950Walter LangIMDB Database page about Cheaper by the Dozen
    The big house the family moves to in Montclair is the same house set originally built for Judy Garland's family in Meet Me in St. Louis. Fox didn't have an appropriate standing outdoor set so they rented time on the St. Louis Street on MGM lot #2.
    On The Town1949Stanley Donen, Gene KellyIMDB Database page about On The Town
    Stage 06
    Take Me Out To The Ball Game1949Busby BerkeleyIMDB Database page about Take Me Out To The Ball Game
    Stage 06
    Easter Parade1948Charles WaltersIMDB Database page about Easter Parade
    Stage 06
    Ziegfield Follies1945Lemuel Ayers, Roy Del RuthIMDB Database page about Ziegfield Follies
    Stage 06
    Gone with the Wind1939Victor FlemingIMDB Database page about Gone with the Wind
    Tarzan Finds A Son1939Richard ThorpeIMDB Database page about Tarzan Finds A Son
    The Wizard of Oz1939Victor FlemingIMDB Database page about The Wizard of Oz
    Stage 14, Stage 15, Stage 25, Stage 26, Stage 27. The tornado sequence was shot on Stage 14. The corn field and apple tree sequences were shot on Stage 26. Munchkinland was shot on Stage 27.
    Broadway Melody of 19381937Roy Del RuthIMDB Database page about Broadway Melody of 1938
    Stage 06
    Tarzan Escapes1936Richard ThorpeIMDB Database page about Tarzan Escapes
    Applause1929Rouben MamoulianIMDB Database page about Applause
    Stage 06

    TV Series (15)

    Oh Sit!2012Deena Dill, Philip Gurin, Richard JoelIMDB Database page about Oh Sit!
    Stage 30
    Californication2007 - Tom KapinosIMDB Database page about Californication
    The Sony Pictures headquarters building features.
    Rules of Engagement2007 - Tom HertzIMDB Database page about Rules of Engagement
    The area of grass outside the Thalberg building has appeared as Central Park
    Til Death2006-2010Josh Goldsmith, Cathy YuspaIMDB Database page about Til Death
    Stage 25
    Reba2001-2007Allison M. GibsonIMDB Database page about Reba
    Angel1999 - 2004VariousIMDB Database page about Angel
    The Sony Pictures headquarters building (originally known as the Filmland Complex) features as the offices of Wolfram and Hart throughout the series.
    King of Queens1998-2007David Litt, Michael J. WeithornIMDB Database page about King of Queens
    The area of grass outside the Thalberg building on the Sony lot has featured as Central Park.
    Married With Children1987-1997Ron Leavitt, Michael G. MoyeIMDB Database page about Married With Children
    Seasons 9 to 11
    Jeopardy!1984 - Merv GriffinIMDB Database page about Jeopardy!
    Dallas1978-1991David JacobsIMDB Database page about Dallas
    Donny and Marie1976-1979IMDB Database page about Donny and Marie
    Stage 25 at MGM was the home of the show 1976 - 1978. The final season was shot at the new Osmond Studios in Utah.
    Batman1966Bob KaneIMDB Database page about Batman
    The Man from U.N.C.L.E.1964-1968IMDB Database page about The Man from U.N.C.L.E.
    The tailor shop exterior was on Lot #2 of the MGM backlot, and was destroyed in a fire in 1967.
    The Twilight Zone1959-1964Rod SerlingIMDB Database page about The Twilight Zone
    Season 1 (Episode 2 onwards)
    Bonanza1959 - 1973IMDB Database page about Bonanza

    Music Video (1)

    Bee Gees: Stayin Alive1977
    Filmed on an abandoned subway terminal set on the MGM Backlot, adjacent to the sets where Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band was being filmed.

    TV Movie (1)

    The Phantom of Hollywood1974Gene LevittIMDB Database page about The Phantom of Hollywood
    Filmed in and around the standing sets on the MGM Backlot as they were being demolished.